Say goodbye to boredom with this globe-spanning guide to the world's favorite children's games.Lets Play is a gorgeously illustrated collection of games from all around the world for children to discover and enjoy. Games for 1 player to 5 players, and even large groups, are clearly explained and provide endless opportunities for playful adventure, alongside a resource for learning about cultures and traditions from countries across the globe. The exciting array of games includes: solo puzzle games like Jegichagi (South Korea) big party game Catch the Dragon's Tail (China) head-to-head Kolowis Awithlaknannai boardgame (Zuni Native American) hilarious Oonch Neech (a variation of Tag from Pakistan) Additional sections give the background to classic games like Tag and Hide-and-seek and talk readers through making games of their own. Vibrant illustrations from Monica Andino carefully demonstrate the steps of the games, whilst bringing to life the fun and joy they offer.The possibilities are endless, and with this book, the fun will be too!

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 64pp h276mm x w235mm 500g

ISBN13: 9780711283756