A beautiful and moving picture book from Waterstones Childrens Laureate, Joseph Coelho, tells the story of how a big, hairy argument gets in between two best friends. "The argument came from nowhere. It sat huge and bloated in the middle of the playground between me and my best friend." This big hairy monster appears out of the blue one day, splitting up the best friends and growing bigger and bigger, until it starts to ruin all the children in the playgrounds fun.Together, they learn how to shrink the monster until it vanishes completely, to the point where they cant even remember what it looks like! Coelhos gentle and lyrical verse pair perfectly with Allison Colpoys beautiful illustrations to create a book which will be treasured by young readers. This is an ode to the power of an apology, and to treasuring a special bond that runs deeper than even the friends realised.

Paperback / softback  32pp  h276mm  x  w235mm  350g  colour illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780711279124