Evie and her pet dog, Juno, use their senses to explore under the Earth in this bright, layered board book which teaches kids all about the layers below the ground! In this charming and innovative layered board book, Evie and her pet dog Juno travel to the centre of the Earth, and tell the readers what they find there. Watch them discover fossils and bones below the surface, do some shaky earthquake dancing and escape a volcanic explosion! Humorous text and bold, quirky illustrations introduce each of the layers of the Earth. Curved and layered board pages increase in size as you move through the book, developing a childs hand-eye coordination as they turn the pages.Quirky facts coupled with engaging artwork boost pre-schoolers imagination and spark an interest in the world around them This bright, layered board book provides a great first introduction to the geography of our Earth. This book is from the Adventures of Evie and Juno series, which sees our two intrepid explorers travel to different places and environments in innovative layered board books which will help young readers develop hand-eye coordination and teaching them about the world. Also available is Explore the Planets, which sees Evie and Juno travel to the eight planets and Explore Under the Sea, which sees Evie and Juno travel from the beaches to the bottom of the ocean, and Explore the Rainforest, which sees Evie and Juno travel through the forest layers, as they share with readers what they find.

Board book  18pp  h178mm  x  w178mm  Fully illustrated 

ISBN13: 9780711279018