Not Your Average Maths Book presents a fun and accessible look at numbers, filled with great facts and fascinating insights into numbers, their history and the mathematicians who made key breakthroughs in their fields.

From how long it would take to count to a billion, to why bubbles are always round, to what the ham sandwich theorem is, this book answers all these questions and many many more!

Not Your Average Maths Book looks at how maths is useful in our everyday lives, from how it is useful on the construction site to how algorithms dictate what music we listen to on our smart phones, as well as setting out a short history of maths, starting with the first written numbers, from 43,000 years ago, through all the major mathematical discoveries right up to the present day!

Complete with a mathemetician's hall of fame, highlighting some of the brilliant minds who have advanced our understanding of numbers, to awards for the most special numbers as well as explanations of what makes them so great, this book will fascinate budding mathematicians or children keen to learn about more about the world around them.