Discover the history of Queensland through the experiences of Billy, the realist and Gracie, the dreamer.

Billy is the outgoing, optimistic young person taking an interest in those around him, establishing a long association with a priest mentor, becoming a champion boxer, itinerant labourer, Don R (Motorcycle despatch rider), Prisoner of War, family man and mate.

Gracie who faced death at the time of her birth, who lives in a daydream world and is shy, reclusive and described as a 'dunce' shows she can rise to the occasion when stirred to defend those she sees as victims.

The 'Queenslander' identity is entrenched as the state faces the challenges thrown up in the times of economic depression, war and fear of invasion and revealed as Billy and Gracie develop the resilience confronting the enormous 'bumps' on their journey of self-discovery.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  308pp  h216mm  x  w140mm  x s17mm  358g 

ISBN13: 9780648861317