DEEP DOWN, THERE'S SOMETHING WE'D ALL KILL FOR. I KNOW I WOULD. I KNOW I HAVE. I KNOW I WILL. Recovering addict Eric Johnstone is turning his life around. Then, just months after he takes a job at the retirement village in Point Imlay, the ebbing tide reveals his body, trussed to the town's oyster beds. In his pocket is the business card of Senior Detective John Darken. As J.D. and homicide detective Emma Capsteen work to unravel the final days of Eric's life, they uncover more questions than answers. Why does a local bikie seem to be given free reign? What are the residents at Seascape Gardens retirement village hiding? And, in a town whose beating heart is community, why isn't anyone prepared to tell the whole truth? A gripping exploration of the lengths people go to get what they want.