'Eve Wicks has created an extraordinary testimony to the life of Lithuanian refugees who settled in Brisbane, Australia, post-World War Two in her beautifully crafted publication, In Sunshine and Shadow: Reflections on Lithuanian Immigrant Life’, says Dr Brigita Ozolins. ‘The book has captured the narratives of a tiny community who more broadly represent the large wave of Baltic refugees that were accepted into this country during the late 1940s and early 1950s. It offers important insight into the little known, and often underacknowledged history of these people. It brings together the carefully researched history of the impact of WWII on the Lithuanians with an archive of memories that belong to those who participated in Wicks’ extensive research. It documents a gradually fading history through sepia photographs, poetry, folk songs, and stories. These moments are punctuated by an achingly poignant collection of photographs taken by Wicks herself. These poetic images, embedded with a sense of yearning for a life that could never be, capture the lost dreams and hopes of the Lithuanians of Brisbane. But they also evoke the bigger picture of a Baltic diaspora that extends across the globe’.

This high quality, hard-cover, section sewn book of 351 pages holds 71 restored historical photographs and 113 contemporary images – portraits, objects, documents, home environments and sub-tropical landscapes – printed on silk finish art paper. Nine chapters offer discrete text essays, curated photographic image essays, and two poems or songs embedded in linen imagery. The linens separate text and image essays: one moves through discrete, visually quiet rooms. Poems and songs enrich and weave the narrative, and give a moment to pause and reflect.

ISBN: 9780648120704
Author: Wicks, Eve
Format: Hardback
Pages: 352
Dimension: 230mm X 250mm