What secrets do you hide? Mine have been tucked safely into my well-worn and well-loved boots that have travelled with me, until now. I have whispered, screamed, laughed, cried, and confided to no one other than my boots-the keeper of my secret life, joys, sorrows, successes, pain, and torment. The story they would spin, you would never believe in a million years. A silent, relentless, exhausting battle of survival, but oh...how I triumphed. Just like my boots, I was resilient and epitomised the saying, "Never judge a person until youve walked in their boots."Dust off your boots and walk with me for a bit. Were going on the ride of your life to kick some ass-the cowboy way, with spirit and courage.Saddle up?"Real, Raw, Inspirational"

Paperback / softback  230pp 

ISBN13: 9780645951790