Alice England and her friends are back with a mystery that throws them straight in the deep end. Alice has a special talent. When she touches the belongings of the dead people who come through her father's funeral home, she discovers things about their lives - and their deaths. Marine biologist Stingray Bolland dies suddenly, but no one suspects anything sinister. That's until Alice learns that he was studying a new species in the waters around Damocles Cove - and he saw something mysterious right before he died. More and more people are reporting a weird creature in the cove, and there are claims it's a storm kelpie of Scottish legend. Then, on a sightseeing boat tour, Alice and her friends spot something astonishing. Could the legend be true? As fate, fortune and science collide, Alice must uncover what's really going on in Damocles Cove. Maybe the truth is even stranger than the legend.

Paperback / softback  200pp  h198mm  x  w129mm  269g  Paperback 

ISBN13: 9780645757972