Get ready to discover just how gross our universe really is. Learn the foulest facts about space, Earth, humans, animals and science that have been tested by real scientists, and even do your own gross experiments. Meet your guide, Slimon, who loves all things rotten, revolting, despicable and downright disgusting. Rate the facts yourself using the grossometer! Did you know ... There's poo on the moon? You will drool enough in your lifetime to fill two swimming pools? Whales do 974 litres of pee into the ocean every day? There's a wall covered in chewing gum that's over 30 years old? There's a robot designed to projectile vomit? Full to the brim with the world's filthiest facts and most putrid pictures, this book is sure to make you and your friends say: 'Eww Gross!'

Hardback  280pp  h247mm  x  w184mm  722g  Hardback 

ISBN13: 9780645624564