A gripping blend of memoir, investigation and expert analysis, Obsession takes a deep dive into the disturbing phenomenon of stalking. Journalist Nicole Madigan was stalked for over three years. The relentless and debilitating experience wreaked havoc in her personal and professional life, leaving her trapped in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Nicole uses her own story as an entry point to examine the psychology behind stalking behaviours and their impact on victim-survivors. Whether by a stranger, acquaintance or former partner, stalking can have a devastating effect on a victim-survivor's mental, social and financial wellbeing. At its worst, it can lead to physical violence, even death. In this timely and compelling enquiry, Madigan explores the blurred lines between romantic interest and obsession, admiration and fixation. Through expert consultation and the personal stories of other victim-survivors, she analyses society's attitude towards stalking and its role in popular culture, while highlighting the failings of the legal system in protecting victims. 'This book is a forensic analysis of stalking and how it can completely dominate and derail an otherwise contented existence. But it is more than that. It is as chilling and gripping to read as the best thriller, made even more disturbing because every word of it is true.' Jane Caro.