“I first became aware of this project through my enormous admiration for one of the subjects, water activist Anne Kennedy. However, through reading John's words, I have discovered a further bunch of terrific women who otherwise I may never have met. Through these pages we discover Sue Higginson, the environmentalist/law school medallist and now Member of the NSW Parliament; Jo Evans, the daughter of British migrant parents who discovers the alternate lifestyle; Shay Dougall, the occupational health and safety expert; Simone Marsh, the whistleblower; Judi Summers, who battled alcohol and drug abuse to end up an anti-fracking heroine; Linda Gill, one of the forces behind Knitting Nannas; Carly Phillips, fearless on the frontline; and Dom Jacobs, the “accidental activist” from a Christian background. Each one of these women has faced great difficulties in their lives and heroically overcome them.” Meredith Burgmann AM.