A woman looking for a fresh start in the country knocks on her neighbour's door and uncovers a hostage situation. Turns out new beginnings can be chock-full of surprises.
In eighteenth century Germany, a housekeeper engages her dangerous gift to unlock a secret door, where she discovers the truth about her father's disappearance - and her enigmatic master.

Babysitting a bunch of civilian scientists goes sideways after they can't help poking a glowing alien artefact. System failures. Locked outside the airlock door. It's going to be a long day.

An environmental crusader's home stands in the way of a crucial renewable energy project. But it's more than a house - it's a doorway and the only link to the dead sister she's trying to save.

A Fae Ranger sent through a portal to Victorian England to stop an assassin faces an impossible choice: save her family or the Fae Realm in a battle between the light and darkness.

A dating game show contestant finds the last thing she expects behind the stage door and faces the biggest decision of her life, in front of the whole world. Will she follow her head or her heart?