2024 CBCA Shortlist Picture Book The Paper-flower Girl creates elaborate flowers out of paper, but she has few customers. When the Giant from the Hill brings her to work for him, they soon discover they want very different things. Before long, the Paper-flower Girl is forced to create things she no longer recognises as flowers. When the exasperated Giant throws her from the Hill, the Paper-flower Girl takes with her something belonging to the Giant, incorporates it into her elaborate flowers, and attains greater success than the Giant. AGES: 4 plus AUTHOR: Margrete Lamond is an author, editor, publisher, and independent story coach. As an author, she has had 20 of her own works published by a range of publishers, most notably The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear (shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Award 2017) and Just One Bee (Honour Book for the CBCA Picture Book of the Year 2022). Mateja Jager is a Slovenian-born Australian illustrator. She studied fashion and textile design at the University of Ljubljana and is self-taught in illustration. Her first two books were published in Slovenia. Mateja is known for her quirky greeting cards and prints, and her work has been featured in major Slovene magazines and the prestigious international Brightness Magazine.


Hardback  h280mm  x  w210mm 

ISBN13: 9780645352399