The world's most notorious art heist. Where did all the loot go? Art conservator JJ Jego is housesitting an apartment for her museum director boss in an exclusive part of Sydney's Woolloomooloo. JJ's hobby is photography and when an incident involving the police unfolds on the pier she starts clicking away. Later she finds she has captured something unusual in the window of an apartment. It looks like a Vincent van Gogh - a print surely, but it's not just any Van Gogh: the original Six Sunflowers was destroyed in 1945. And that's not the only famous painting she glimpses. Other works are from the notorious 1990 Isabella Gardner Stewart museum robbery. But what are they doing in Sydney? JJ needs to find a way to get inside that apartment to discover if the artworks are prints, fakes or genuine. She reluctantly enlists the help of her estranged father, an ex-detective, who she hasn't spoken to for seven years. JJ can't forgive him for the way he treated her mother, but they do have one thing in common: a love of art. From the pubs of Belfast to the boardrooms of Monte Carlo, this gripping art heist thriller exposes a shadowy underworld and JJ and her father are drawn into a web of intrigue, deception and murder, as they cross paths with a global crime empire in a pursuit to solve one of art history's biggest mysteries.