How can I love myself? How do you live so authentically? Deni Todorovic never meant to become a poster child for self-love. On their popular Instagram page, Style by Deni, they show their followers what it means to lead a joyous, open-hearted life - but this wisdom has been hard-won, and in this book Deni shares how they've learned to live on their own terms. As a queer, non-binary person and as a child of migrants, Deni knows firsthand what it means to exist between worlds and to step into one's truth. We all grow up in a society that teaches us the rules about how to fit in, but Deni has learnt from a career in fashion that it's not always a good idea to follow the dress code. Full of intimate, insightful reflections on everything from family and culture to friendship, dating and career goals, and packed with useful tips, tools and techniques, Love This for You invites you to explore each pillar of your identity in order to start healing and live with great intention. If you've ever felt lost, walking through your life with the light switch off, this book is here to guide you into your light. Are you ready to go on your own journey to self-love? 'Deni's story is a masterclass in authenticity, spirit and courage.' - Mia Freedman 'A raw and engaging read that makes me want to sparkle even brighter.' - Dannii Minogue 'Deni's effervescence that we've seen and loved on social media shines through in Love This For You. They share their experiences with generosity, affection, thoughtfulness, and a genuine desire to help others to heal and grow. While some difficult topics are tackled, it is balanced by a delicious playfulness. Deni has an important story to tell, which lends itself to an increasing need for diverse voices in Australian literature, and they've done so in a way that is sometimes missing in memoirs - fun! ' - Yumiko Kadota, bestselling author of Emotional Female 'Deni Todorovic is one of the warmest, most captivating voices of our generation. They are a force for empathy, light, love and progress.' - Michelle Andrews, co-founder of Shameless