This is the first book of a series. This series is aimed at young readers aged seven to ten years old and parents/guardians reading to their children at night. This story introduces two small boys, Baxter and Ethan, who own their own Lolly Shop in a Brisbane suburb. In this book, a magic powder mysteriously appears and is mistakenly mixed in with the lolly's they create. This results in magic candy with fun, silly powers that unleash havoc on the local community. The boys slowly learn this candy is being used for both good and mischievous purposes by the local children. There are funny times with consequences that have be resolved. Both characters develop more of an understanding of each other's personalities and work together to create an outcome where both adult and child can live with magic. Future books in the series develop the narrative further by exploring the fantasy world where the powder is from and the magical characters within this world. Join us in the adventure!