Giom, Anco and Duramboi are the names of just three young shipwreck survivors and convict escapees who were given refuge by Indigenous communities during the nineteenth century. No one knows exactly how many received sustenance from the local people, but there are some documented accounts of these experiences. Strangers on Country includes the stories of six Europeans and the people who cared for them.

To Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the first castaways and runaway convicts that arrived in their homes must have appeared pretty scary. The strangers didn't speak their language and didn't understand their ways, but they were desperately in need of refuge. Despite their fears, the Indigenous hosts often treated the lost strangers with kindness, taking pity on them and giving them food and shelter. When they returned to live among white people, the castaways and convicts spoke fondly of the people who had rescued them.

ISBN: 9780642279552
Author: Hartley, David & Murray, Kirsty
Illustrator: Leffler, Dub
Publication date: 01/04/2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 124
Dimension: 230mm X 190mm