An incredible book filled with mind-blowing facts that may defy belief, but they are all absolutely true! If anything in this book doesn't quite ring true, you'd better start believing! This irresistible page-turner will keep your eyes popping and your jaws dropping from start to finish. Did you know that Earth could fit inside Jupiter more than 1,000 times? Can you believe the Eiffel Tower would fit inside a Sahara sand dune? Or the blue whale's heart is as big as a car and the colossal squid has eyes the size of beach balls? All this and much, much more is at your fingertips in 1,000 Amazing World Facts. Wow your friends and amaze your family with hundreds of new facts in this fun-filled, picture-packed bumper book. From the tiniest microchip to our unimaginably enormous Universe, no subject is left unexplored. Astounding images, inspiring visual comparisons, and informative graphics combine in one unforgettable journey around the world. So settle down and start reading... you won't believe your eyes!

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  176pp  h229mm  x  w151mm  x s11mm  409g 

ISBN13: 9780241656969