It is a mix of some of Australia's most beautiful and exquisite ingredients, all mixed together.

Lemon myrtle provides a tangy base that pairs nicely with the deep, back-of-the-throat heat of Australian mountain pepper. Throw in a little aniseed, cinnamon, and rosella (which is basically Australian hibiscus) and you've got a crisp, zesty herbal.

This tea is good for digestion and enjoyed best after a meal and during the day. 

Lemon myrtle: Lemon myrtle has been used traditionally for sinus infections, bronchitis and irritable digestive disorders. Lemon myrtle supports the digestive processes and reduces symptoms such as bloating and cramping. Lemon myrtle is also used as a potent antioxidant as it is very high in citral  protecting cells throughout the body.

Cinnamon myrtle: known health benefits that may aid in heartburn, colic, and treatment of the digestive system.

Aniseed myrtle: Anise myrtle has outstanding antioxidant activity, is rich in magnesium and is also a good source of lutein, folate, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Mountain pepper leaf: Mountain pepper leaf is one of the native species found to exhibit superior antioxidant capacity compared to the blueberry, which is renowned worldwide as the ‘health-promoting fruit’.

Antioxidants are believed to hold a number of benefits for human health, potentially preventing and delaying diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.