Bring some colour and style into the heart of your home with our 100% cotton, art-inspired Epenarra tea towel. You can use these tea towels to dry your dishes, add some colour to your kitchen or even frame and have as an art piece in your home. Size: 50cm x 70cm. 100% cotton fabric. A portion of each sale goes to the artist. Designed in Australia. Australian owned and operated company. 

Epenarra - Pammy Foster

"When you go out bush you see all different flowers. You can pick them and smell them - some of them smell very nice."

Epenarra artist Pammy Foster uses bright colours to capture the landscape of the Davenport Ranges, Pammy builds textures with layers of paint, alluding to the rocky nature of the landscape, densely grouped green trees and flowering bushes cover the canvas suggesting the work shows the land in the rainy season.