Encourage a child to explore their creativity while making an imaginative gift.

Inspired by the best-selling I Wrote A Book About You series, this delightful book includes short, whimsical, age-appropriate prompts for kids to fill out. With vibrant illustrations and outrageously fun activities to complete, they’ll create a wonderfully unique gift to delight someone who’s pretty amazing.

Inside, you’ll find bright, playful prompts, such as:

I wish every day was like that time we   ____________________________ [superfun thing we did].
I wish I could give you a _______________  [awesome thing] or ________ [number]  ______________________ [even more awesome thing].

Offers kids a variety of ways to express themselves from drawing pictures to sharing memories. An engaging way for kids ages 4 to 8 to show their appreciation for anyone and everyone. Companion Mum and Dad editions are also available. Format: Hardcover. Size: 8.5″W x 6.5″H