A beautifully painted examination of Brisbane's changing identity. 'Changing Places: Brisbane' New Edition launched in September 2012 follows on from the popular first edition published by Macmillan Art Publishing in 2002. The new book is illustrated with 54 new images of original paintings by Brisbane-based artist Jan Jorgensen who has also written the accompanying poems. This delightful book provides an interesting ramble through some of Brisbane's most historic streets and backyards. It records changes taking place in the city as the picturesque old domestic architecture gives way to new developments. The book will be attractive to those interested in the changing faces of the city and in the familiar urban environment. Visitors will find it an irresistible memento of their time spent in Brisbane. The foreword is by acclaimed Australian artist William Robinson.

ISBN: 9780646968810
Author: Jorgensen, Jan
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96