The first section looks at public and private construction and considers: * the many changes to the area now known as the Roma Street precinct * the failure of a grand plan, which was before its time, to reinvigorate a neglected part of the city * the beginnings and construction of Brisbane's first drive-in shopping centre * the working conditions in 19th century Brisbane drapery stores * the reasons behind the construction of Brisbane's first public bathing pool and its changing role * the building of Brisbane's second public bathing pool and the ongoing work of repair, additions and finally reconstruction * the home builders, E. Chapman and Son, and their builder-designed houses of the post- World War II era The second section looks at the construction of road and rail and examines: * the travails of Brisbane's first Main Roads engineer who struggled with the elements, his workforce and a few of his superiors during his brief stay in Moreton Bay * the construction of Brisbane's roads including the ill-fated and ultimately expensive wood paving episode * the development of rail transport from its beginnings to the current suburban system * the somewhat imperfect preparations and celebration of Queensland Railways jubilee Overall, the book, which has numerous illustrations, offers insights into various aspects of Brisbane's development from a frontier town to a modern, bustling city.

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ISBN13: 9781925877144