Title Jonah A' Gavin Aak Kech Iiy Pul: Jonah and Gavin's Long Walk on Country

Author Jonah Yunkaporta

Translated by Phyllis Yunkaporta

Joan and Gavin were jealous of each other when they were little. They both wanted Jonah's Dad to carry them on his shoulders. When Grandad and Grandma decide to take the whole family for a long walk back on country, the two boys learn what is truly important in life.

This project was led by the Wik Kath Min community action group. Proceeds return to the group for future work.

Dual language. Comes with a code to download a readalong book online with audio and pictures.

Publisher Pama Languages Press, 2022

ISBN 0648717496, 9780648717492

Length 39 pages

Dimension 21.5 x 28 cm