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Where can I get a copy of Myths & Legends of Torres Strait by Margaret Lawrie?


State Library of Queensland’s Margaret Lawrie Torres Strait collection has been included in the Australian Register: UNESCO Memory of the World program. It is the most significant collection of works related to the Torres Strait since the 19th Century. Myths and legends of the Torres Strait is considered an truly iconic work, but has been out of print since 1970. To mark the 50th anniversary of the initial publication, State Library of Queensland has printed a new, high quality edition of the book, available exclusively through the Library Shop.

These stories were obtained at thirteen islands, within the archipelago of the Torres Strait, between Cape York, the northern point of Queensland, and the south coast of Papua New Guinea. The Islanders, despite nearly a century of continuous and increasing contact with European ways and thought, have been able to retain unbroken links with their past. It is these people, who over a period of four years, made a conscious effort to pass on to the general reader, whether they live in Torres Strait or elsewhere, part of their heritage which is embodied in legend and myth.

This heirloom reproduction publication is available in a stunning blue hardcover measuring 280mm X 250mm and weighing a hearty 2.4kgs, the Library Shop is offering a postage charge anywhere in Australia of just $4.95.

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