Advent calendar in large format
Motif on both sides, finished with silver mica, contour punched
to hang

Christmas-decorated cupcakes sweetened with their sight the pre-Christmas period, behind it 24 magical Christmas pictures. What a sweet seduction ... without chocolate! The artist Monika Broeske-Haas illustrates her advent calendar with such attention to detail that there is not only a lot to discover behind the doors.
The 24 doors are punched in cupcake form and can be separated after opening as mini cupcakes from the calendar. On the front, the motif is delicately sprinkled with colored mica. On the back of the calendar, it is again pictured without a door and can continue to be used as a room decoration after the advent season.

ISBN: 9783782787925
Format: Stationery
Dimension: 490mm X 390mm