An inspiring story about decision-making and self-trust when you're all alone, by critically acclaimed creators Nadine Robert and Qin LengAround Clover's family's goat farm, there are plenty of things to do on any given day, from picking blueberries to collecting clams. But making decisions, even choosing something to do, is a great source of hesitation for young Clover-that is, until one day, when the child's beloved goat, Peony, wanders too far from the farm. In order to bring Peony back home safely, Clover will have to learn to act quickly and decisively.By showing Clover in a desperate situation, author Nadine Robert and illustrator Qin Leng demonstrate the importance of decision-making in early childhood. Clover's newfound independence serves as inspiration for young readers to summon their own sense of confidence and self-reliance.