Fifteen years ago, Papa Lucy fell.

Now, a new threat emerges in the savage world of the Now. Towns burn and survivors flee, lest they be hunted and murdered in the name of a new god.

The Dawn King.

With the Boneman captured and broken, and Jesus and John Leicester missing, Lanyard Everett must lead his crew of doomed Jesusmen into an uncharted and most dangerous land. Guided by a mysterious artifact known only as the Jawbone, they seek justice. If they can't have that, they'll settle for vengeance. But in the shadows, a puppet-master lurks, leading them to believe they have some say in their fate.

Just like Papa Lucy, the shadows lie.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  384pp  h215mm  x  w139mm  453g 

ISBN13: 9781954255579