This is the ultimate companion for any fan of The Office, which is basically anyone with a pulse, a sense of humour and/or access to a Stan account. While it's been five long years since The Office ended, the show's stellar writing, incredible cast, relatability and sheer lovability has meant that the hit workplace comedy has charmed millions of viewers with its wit and warm heart. With Inside Dunder Mifflin you can celebrate The Office like never before. Take the `What's your management style?' Quiz to find out if you're a Michael Scott, Robert California or an Andy Bernard. Or find out who would win in a romance battle between Jim and Pam, and Phyllis and Bob? Then get everything you need to know about crushing your enemies (who may or may not also be your best friends) from Dwight Schrute, `Dress for Success' with Andy Bernard, and take advice from `Michael Scott's Ultimate Guide to Business'. On a less fan fiction-y note, this brightly illustrated guide also includes season overviews, top episode dissections, cast profiles and more.

ISBN: 9781925811285
Author: Lewis, Amy
Publication date: 01/10/2019
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 193mm X 169mm