Enough has been written about huge cult brands founded last century Nike, Apple, Red Bull. What will the cult companies of tomorrow look like? Who is amassing the kind of passionate community that makes a brand a massive, long-term, sustainable success? Tim Duggan, co-founder of one of Australia's most innovative and awarded new media companies, has studied hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and change makers over the last decade to uncover what they all have in common. Learn from the founders of modern brands like Blake Mycoskie (TOMS), Zoe Foster Blake (Go-To), Tim Brown (Allbirds), Daniel Flynn (Thankyou), Lucy Moss (SIX), Oscar McMahon (Young Henrys) and more. In this book you'll discover: The 7 Steps to building a business with cult status; The one thing you should do before starting something new; Why every business of the future needs to balance profit and purpose together; How to have just as much impact working inside a company as you can from outside; The leadership trait every new leader needs; How to create a passionate community around you and your work; 14 practical exercises you can do today to set up for success tomorrow. Armed with this book, anyone from anywhere can help create the next business with serious cult status."We're at a point in history where we can create what we want the future to look like. This book is a road map to that future." - Naomi Simson, Shark Tank & Founder of RedBalloon"Tim has extraordinary insight into the evolving relationship between companies and the communities that they serve." - Osher Gunsberg, television & radio host & author"Cult Status is like the love child of your savviest BFF and a business sage. This will be the manual for a generation of millennial entrepreneurs." - Lorraine Murphy, author and entrepreneur"This book challenges you to question what impact you want to have, and provides a guide to help you rally people around you to achieve outcomes you are passionate about." - Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney.

ISBN: 9781925700534
Author: Duggan, Tim
Publication date: 02/07/2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Dimension: 232mm X 153mm