When a group of desert children invite their school teacher, Mrs White, home for dinner to show her why their homework is always grubby, no-one expects what is to come! They are happily showing Mrs White their higgledy piggledy garden when suddenly a big red sand storm comes billowing over the hill. Sand and spinifex whips at their legs and flies at their heads. They can hardly see through the storm. They hurry back home, only to discover that everything is now red. Their lovely clean house is covered in red dust. The beds are red. The washing on the line is red. The table is red. Their delicious dinner is red and ruined. And Mrs Whites clean white dress has turned into a dusty red dress. Now Mrs White finally knows why the childrens homework is always so grubby! Age range 3 to 8.

ISBN: 9781925360578
Author: Prewett, Maggie
Publication date: 03/04/2017
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 260mm X 235mm