Jason Ginaff doesn't get out much. Partly because of the anxiety, mainly because he works at home.

Researching people on the internet. Job candidates doing bucket bongs on Instagram accounts they thought they'd deleted; the prospective new head of sales stripping for a hens' nighta He's been searching for something on his own time, too. Now he's found it: the phone number of the man he believes to be his father. Which is how he gets mixed up with Rudy Alamein. They've been looking for the same man. Difference being, Rudy wants to kill him. Black Teeth is a witty, dynamic contemporary thriller by an emerging master of the form. Beautifully written and darkly funny, it's both a literary triumph and an irresistible read.

Praise for Zane Lovitt's debut, The Midnight Promise: 'The kind of zesty Australian crime writing that doesn't come along often...Lovitt's evocation of Melbourne locales has the same recognisability, affection and flair for soaking up the stink of a place as Shane Maloney's Murray Whelan books.'aSydney Morning Herald 'What makes Dorn such a compelling narrator is that for all his decrepitude he has a reflective spirit and an insightful eye...An often brutal, yet brutally reflective, examination of the human condition.

ISBN: 9781925355147
Author: Lovitt, Zane
Publication date: 27/06/2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Dimension: 233mm X 154mm