Winner of the Victorian Premier's Literary Award Winner of the Margaret Scott Prize. For forty years, until the day he died, Ivan Turgenev, one of the greatest novelists of Russia's Golden Age, was passionately devoted to the diva Pauline Viardot. He followed her and her husband around Europe, even living with them amicably at times as part of their household. Yet as far as we know, the relationship with Pauline was chaste. What then did Turgenev mean by 'love', the word at the core of his life and work? In a remarkable work of memoir, literary biography and travel writing, Robert Dessaix has found the pulse that still quickened Turgenev's age, but has failed in ours. 'The most inventive portrait of a writer's life and legacy since Flaubert's Parrot.' The Independent 'A marvellous and unusual book.' The Sunday Times.

ISBN: 9781925143980
Author: Dessaix, Robert
Publication date: 01/07/2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Dimension: 208mm X 135mm