A curse placed on a noble family in the east has unraveled the fragile dynasty codes across the world.Yoshiko, daughter of the daimyo of Hie, has inherited an ancient consuming power-the burning dragon's spirit, Kiyohime. After an act of betrayal collapses the world around her, Yoshiko and her mother are forced to flee their castle home. The council are hunting them down, fear and misfortune are plaguing the people of Hie, and people keep going missing, including Yoshiko's best friend. Gora, a jack-of-all-trades foreigner who came to Hie to hide from his past and live a new life, is recruited by Yoshiko to help the desperate noble to return to her castle home and bring peace and safety to the people. But neither of them knows who their enemy is or how to control Yoshiko's increasing mysterious powers, and Gora must help her while watching her try to control the searing heat that threatens to release an ancient magical beast and destroy everything around her. Are Yoshiko's powers a blessing to help bring peace to her people, or, like Kiyohime in the folk tales of old, is she cursed to seek vengeance and watch the world burn?