Australia is the ideal country for adventurous road trips. A gigantic network of roads, many unpaved or back roads, runs through the almost endless expanse. Fascinating national parks are connected with country towns; long stretches of coastline, vast forests and large tracts of the outback are accessible. All you need is a sturdy (SUV or 4WD) vehicle, camping gear, navigation skills and a good dose of common sense. And time, of course. There is, however, no need to always venture to the remotest parts of Australia to have a good time and make discoveries. Some of the road trips suggested in this book find their stage in the more civilised and densely populated parts of the continent. Sometimes the unknown and fascinating is just around the corner. No matter where you venture, there is no better way to shake off the hectic lifestyle of our cities and everyday life in suburbia than on an adventurous trip down the roads less travelled

Paperback / softback  280pp 

ISBN13: 9781922800046