You don't have to be good at art for art to be good for you.

Being creative is good for us: it lowers our stress hormones, calms our nervous system and can get us into a flow state. Our innate creativity is part of being human, but it's easy to forget, especially since many of us have been told that we are 'no good' at art.

At a time when mental health challenges are on the rise and support systems are stretched, Creative First Aid is your practical guide to taking matters into your own hands, literally. It's about the proven positive effects of making something - a garden, a story, a meal, a drawing - and the powerful interaction this process can have on your mental, emotional and physical state. It's about being curious, playful, creative and full of self-compassion - even more so when life gets messy.

Based on scientific evidence and a program shown to improve mental wellbeing for first responders and traumatised communities, this inspiring book empowers you with awareness and simple creative tools that can open a door to experiencing delight, awe and joy each and every day. It includes stories from those who have found their way through trauma, anxiety, grief and chronic illness, as well as 50 creative prescriptions you can try, with some taking just a couple of minutes.

Creative First Aid is your roadmap for how to look after yourself on tough days, amazing days - and all the days in between.

Paperback / softback  272pp  h230mm  x  w170mm  810g  Flexibound 

ISBN13: 9781922616838