The path to happiness in writing is always in the process: the imagining and the writing.

In these essays, Kim Wilkins-the celebrated author behind Daughters of the Storm, Giants of the Frost, and (as Kimberley Freeman) Wildflower Hill and Stars Across The Ocean-offers the collected writing wisdom she's accumulated across her career.

Drawing on years of experience delivering workshops, lectures, and articles, Headstrong Girl features Wilkins's collected advice on both living the life of a writer and telling great stories, including topics such as the importance of persistence, turning off social media, anchoring scenes for your audience, and creating an effective protagonist and supporting casts for your novel.

With over three million words of fiction in print across multiple genres and pen names, this is a chapbook jam-packed with writing advice from one of Australia's preeminent experts in genre fiction. Ideal for existing fans seeking a glimpse behind the scenes, or new writers looking for a sound foundation to build upon while working towards a long and successful career.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  58pp  h203mm  x  w127mm  x s4mm  73g 

ISBN13: 9781922479167