In this hands-on guide to living well, Isabelle Cornish will inspire you to discover your true power within - by listening to your heart, being comfortable with your vulnerabilities and picking yourself up every time you fall down.

Informed by Isabelle's personal journey and her passion for health and fitness, and drawing on her experiences as an actor, yoga teacher, personal trainer and health coach, The Why is a complete wellness toolkit for modern life.

Review: 'Isabelle Cornish is living proof that you can always bounce back and find the strength to go further.' Mark 'Billy' Billingham, SAS Australia

'With practical advice and empowering support, you'll find a roadmap to your greatest adventure within these pages.'Shawn Stevenson, author of Eat Smarter and Sleep Smarter

Contents: PART 1 Clear your mind
PART 2 Love your body
PART 3 Eat well
PART 4 Value yourself
PART 5 Let go of pain
PART 6 Connect with your world
PART 7 Upgrade your lifestyle