Good portraits reveal aspects of a persons identity, attitude, and personality. Great portraits can reveal the "essence" of a persons character. This easy-to-follow pocket guide provides expert advice on the best cameras, lenses, lighting, focus and exposure settings for different types of portraiture. We cover candid, formal, single and group portraits, natural versus artificial lighting, how to set up a basic photo studio and how to create an 'atmosphere' where you can build a genuine rapport with the subject. We look at the role of clothing, positioning, posture, light angles, background, props, and how to be ready to capture spontaneous moments. There are tips on how to deal with bad behaviour, short attention spans, and varying weather conditions, and advice on photographing children, families, special occasions, and community events. Portraiture is filled with practical and creative ways to ensure your portrait photography is enjoyable and rewarding.

Paperback / softback  100pp 

ISBN13: 9781922156464