A handmade gospel hidden in a saint's coffin; a HUGE atlas that takes six people to lift it; a tiny prayer book carried by a queen to her execution; the original handwritten manuscript of Alice in Wonderland; books so rare and valuable they are kept in a bomb-proof store-room. The British Library is an amazing place! From man-eating monsters and brave knights to wicked witches, lost children, haunted moors, magical creatures and flying machines award-winning duo Mick and Brita bring to life the amazing and extraordinary history of the book through the treasures of the largest library in the world - the Britsih Library! So, let's go inside!

ISBN: 9781910959985
Author: Manning,Mick
Illustrator: Branstrom,Brita
Format: Hardback
Pages: 48
Dimension: 278mm X 235mm