Rumour has it that there is a unicorn in town, but where can it be? Everybody in Brinton is keeping a look out for the mythical creature, because everyone wants to find a unicorn. Eventually Cecily (who is desperate to keep it as pet) catches a glimpse and experiences first hand just why unicorns have a reputation for magic. Emma Pelling delights the reader with a story which is fun for children and grown up children to share, and has created fun-filled illustrations to engage unicorn fans the world over! AGES: 3 to 5 AUTHOR: Emma Pelling has created and illustrated lots of novelty, board and activity books for children. She has a design degree from Middlesex University and has travelled widely, but now lives in Buckinghamshire with her family and pet tortoise Algenon.

ISBN: 9781857144673
Author: Pelling, Emma
Illustrator: colour
Publication date: 01/03/2019
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 275mm X 225mm