Eleven amazing stories from the Viking Sagas, packed with warriors and battles, heroes and heroines, Berserkers, monsters and zombies. And lots of magic. The Dragon' s Hoard * The Swan Warrior * The Berserker' s Baby * Tusker versus the Earl * The Bear in Chains * The Raven Banner * The Boy in the Bones * Sailing to America * The Zombie on the Roof * Hunting Magnus * Odin' s Riddles.

Lari Don is a successful children's writer based in Edinburgh. Lari is currently A Chatterbooks Champion with the Reading Agency. Cate James lives in Sydney, Australia.

ISBN: 9781847806819
Author: Don, Lari
Illustrator: James, Cate
Publication date: 01/09/2016
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 278mm X 224mm