Nowhere is it more apparent that the cat reigns supreme than on Twitter. Having got over the initial disappointment in finding Twitter was nothing to do with budgies, cats have finally taken to tweeting. In the wrong paws the smart phone has been turned into an antisocial network by the dominant feline race. Enjoy their greatest tweets as they point out the failures of other species, the pitfalls of house sharing with humans and other idiots, and where to stick your hashtag.

Author Trevor Davies has spent many years trying to teach his cat Frazzle to text... he's pretty sure she can, but thinks she simply can't be bothered. When not playing with Frazzle, for the past 15 years Trevor has been the editor of some of the most successful pet books in the UK and has turned his hand to penning a few, including Kittens for When Sh*t Happens (also available in puppy flavour) and The Little Book of Corgi Charm. Aside from Frazzle he lives with his wife (who is equally dismissive of him) in Kent.

ISBN: 9781846015359
Author: Davies, Trevor
Publication date: 01/09/2016
Format: Hardback
Pages: 64
Dimension: 170mm X 156mm