Written by bestselling children's author Carlie Sorosiak, thisgorgeous treasury of fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories is the perfect gift for dog lovers.
Throughout human history dogs have been by our side, pawprints following our footprints whereverwe roamed. In this treasury of fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories, discover everything youever wanted to know about our very best friends.

From tracing the evolutionary history of dogs toexplaining the science of doggy senses, find out how pups communicate, whether they understand us,and if they really love us back! Meet the hounds of ancient history, worshipped as gods, and paintedin works of art from the stone age to the modern day, and explore the stories of real-life doggyheroes, dogs with jobs, and how dogs help humans every day.

A gorgeously illustrated gift book forevery dog lover to treasure.

Hardback  96pp  h290mm  x  w250mm 

ISBN13: 9781839948497