In the tranquil town of Queen's Point in southern Australia, the Whitlam family mark the end of every season with a lavish party in their clifftop mansion. Here, clutching her first glass of real champagne, the summer breeze intoxicating on her skin, sixteen-year-old Lucy Ross is kissed for the very first time. And then, in the shadows of the rose garden, she sees something she shouldn't. Winter, 2019. After two decades of silence, Lucy is back in Queen's Point. She hasn't planned on staying long. But when human remains wash up on the freezing beach, the police close the town. Unable to leave, Lucy is forced to rekindle old friendships she'd rather forget. As nineteen-year-old secrets start to surface, Lucy must decide. Will she confront the past and tell the truth? Or will she still do anything to protect the people she loves? A glamorous, escapist psychological thriller set in Australia. 

Paperback / softback  416pp  h198mm  x  w129mm  Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781804541005