Anat Levit never considered herself a cat lover, but when her life was thrown into upheaval, she found herself adopting one cat at the suggestion of her daughters, and then six more in quick succession.
She recounts how each cat came into her life, their distinct demeanours and curiosities, and their ability to live fully in each moment.

Anat falls in love with the furry creatures, whose escapades and tribulations lead her into deep friendships, difficult decisions and unexpected insight into her relationships. The cats love her in the way she wishes she could love others: intensely yet independently, without renouncing their unique personalities. By caring for these cats, Anat comes to a deeper understanding of her connections with former lovers, her daughters and her own body.

In Seven Cats I Have Loved, she delves into the feline mind with sensitivity, gentleness and compassion, while also revealing a moving human story.

Paperback / softback  A-format paperback  144pp  h176mm  x  w110mm  x s20mm  112g  A Format Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781800812703