What's the point of art? This is the question Henri asks himself when his class is taken on a school trip to the local art gallery. Who wants pictures of old soup cans or melting watches? But when he encounters a painting with the most perfect blue, it creates a beautiful feeling. It's blueberries, oceans, summer skies and butterflies all rolled into one. And then he wanders into a room with a chair and a sign that reads "Is this really a chair?" Henri decides to test it out, unleashing an explosion of creativity! Finally Henri understands what art is all about...

Following Isabelle Marinov's successful Leo and the Octopus, this is a fun and encouraging story of a boy learning to appreciate art and its boundless creativity.

Hardback  32pp  h265mm  x  w228mm  398g  Misc HB 

ISBN13: 9781800786462