Bali Padda is the operations maverick behind LEGO's remarkable turnaround from a business basket-case, struggling to deliver on its orders, to the biggest toy branding the world.

As Chief Operations Officer at LEGO, Bali overhauled the toy company by shaking up its operations and instilling essential business fundamentals. He resolved issues across the supply chain and forged close partnerships between functions. He cut unpopular product lines and diverted the company's attention on hero items. He developed a relentless focus on customer service - of delivering what was promised- and he instituted weekly performance briefings known as the Visual Factory, which ultimately spread throughout the whole organization and transformed culture and performance. The result was that LEGO not only survived but became the biggest toy manufacturer in the world.

In Deliver What You Promise, Bali distils his methodology at LEGO into ten essential fundamental lessons. From how to reduce complexity to why prize reliability over agility. Why a business should be treating like a living organism and how to bring everyone together under a shared sense of purpose. On when to use soft and hard managerial skills and the hidden risks of success.