Maia is 26. Stuck in a dead-end job and a dysfunctional relationship, she's treading water. Gloria, 18, is an influencer with 2 million followers, and the fragility of those who grow up too fast.

Both are bereft. Maia, of purpose, and of the sister who took her own life, even though they weren't close, and she doesn't miss her. Gloria, of someone to help her grow and become stronger, but also of ideas and words that are truly hers.

When Maia starts working for Gloria, both their lives change forever. The two young women weave a complex, intense relationship. Its yarn will unwind behind the scenes of the virtual world Gloria inhabits, and for the first time both will see themselves as they really are. But in this dangerous game of mirrors, will Maia and Gloria still be able to distinguish what belongs to whom?

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  240pp  h210mm  x  w135mm  Trade Paperback Original with French Flaps 

ISBN13: 9781787704671